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Reporter Paul Sheng Foods Co., Ltd. in Shanghai Branch has learned that the production of bread here,mulberry handbags there are three main varieties: high village of white bread, brown rice bread and corn bread. White bread in the high village of food additives on the label is vitamin C. cheap air jordans In fact it can live to face the workers of the bread with water after taking a dip in recovery, he gradually and the surface plane to put some things, these things what is it? Mildew Yeah,nike air force one use it after the shelf life of bread can be a little longer. This is cyclamate, when the dose of less put the past to do is put bread saccharin, sodium cyclamate is now added instead, where there is no sugar, you need to do quite sure mulberry bags to use the shop. White bread in the high village on the label, consumers can see the white sugar and vitamin C, but in fact, Lu Sheng Foods Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch is not added sugar but cyclamate,mulberry alexa bags seen specifically vitamin C, fleet added to the preservative, potassium sorbate, and these two additives did not mark it. Bread in the whole process, the reporter found that workers are mulberry antony bags free to add various additives are entirely their own experience, how much you want to add much to add. National "standard use of food additives," the provisions of fermented flour air jordan 11 products can be used as food additives Key words, there is no potassium sorbate, however, Lu Sheng Foods Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch in the production of bread,air jordan 2011 when they openly added this preservative. Moreover, the reporters also found that workers in the production of bread, when they use another kind of food additives - sodium cyclamate, "food additives health standards" provisions that allow for the variety mulberry bayswater bags of food to add sodium cyclamate is baking / frying nuts and seeds class does not contain fermented flour products. Two bags full of 100 pounds of flour, cornmeal children in a small bowl, together with a colorant, called lemon and supermarkets returned bread, wheat flour has been dyed yellow, beautiful mulberry briefcase bags yellow "corn bread" to finish it. This approach right? air jordan women At the national "food additive standard," the reporter found, you can add lemon to food categories, not including fermented flour products. ZLM0511

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